Negotiation Tips

"Top 5 Tips for Preparing to Negotiate"

Need help with preparation?  Here are 5 easy tips on how to prepare for negotiations. read paper

"Top 10 Tips for Negotiating your Salary"

You'll probably agree that your worst negotiating nightmare is not managing a commercial deal, but negotiating your own salary! Want to know why? We've canvassed the Scotwork Australia team to explore common traps in salary negotiations and to suggest some practical steps to help you get a better deal in your next performance and pay review. read paper 

"Top 10 Tips for the Negotiator Who Wants Answers"

Having problems getting the information you need from the other party?  Here are 10 tips on how to ask questions in negotiation. read paper

"Top 3 Strategies for Better Deals in 2013"

We have a set of negotiating heuristics for you. These are simplified rules of thumb that make things simple to decide and easy to implement. A classic example of a heuristic is in real estate - that the three key things to consider when buying a property are location, location and location. So what are some for negotiating success?   read paper


"Top 10 Negotiation Dilemmas"

Who goes first? Do I ask for what I want?... Here is the list of 10 most common dilemmas faced by the negotiator. read paper


"Top 10 Negotiation Dirty Tricks"

Good Cop Bad Cop, Giggling Schoolgirl etc.  Here are 10 most common negotiation dirty tricks... read paper


"What Price Should I Pay?"

The most frequent request asked of Scotwork consultants is 'Teach me how to know I have paid the right price'.  It comes from a lifetime of self-doubt; that although the negotiated deal looks like a good one, satisfies the need, resolves the conflict, addresses the issues and falls within the levels of affordability, there is a demon nagging at the back of the brain. 'Sucker!' says the demon, 'you could have done much better than that'.... read paper


"Red Lines"

Many people confuse the "bottom line" or "walk away" position with a Red Line. What's the difference and how do you use them?... read paper


"Kids are Great Negotiators"

It turns out that children are natural negotiators and that adults are too, but we have lost this skill during our everyday activities and the confrontations we have during our lives. So what can we learn from them?... read paper

"Good Negotiators are Curious"

A student approaches a university professor wanting to tell him a very interesting story about another student named Peter. Stephen White, Managing Partner of Scotwork UK explains this as part of our negotiation video series... Watch the video

"The Add-on Tactic"

BMW used to do it. So did Mercedes. Porsche and Ferrari still do as far as I am aware, though it's been a while since I checked. Then along came the so-called "budget" airlines and the tactic is back in vogue with a vengeance.... read paper

"Making Late Concessions"

Often negotiators ignore the final stages of a negotiation at their peril. Late and sometimes expensive concessions go straight to the bottom line and will have an adverse effect on the profitability of your final agreement.... read paper

"Dealing with Difficult People"

"Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people." It is therefore important not to try and change the unreasonable of a difficult person but develop strategies to work effectively with them.... read paper


"A Sailor's Life for Free"

It is said that the two happiest times in a sailor's life are the day they buy a boat and the day they sell their boat. I have a third occasion which beats even these. Having owned my 21 foot daysailer from new for 12 years I reluctantly put in on the market. I say reluctantly because I loved my little boat but I had moved house and was getting less use of it.... read paper


"Negotiation Lessons from the US Government Shutdown"

This week’s US Government shutdown makes both sides of politics look dreadful. A poll this week had Congress less popular than head lice and root canal surgery. But, channelling Rahm Emmanuel, (“never let a serious crisis go to waste”), here are a few negotiating lessons to take from the latest home-cooked fiasco in Washington... read paper


"Get Creative with Wishlists" 

Our USA Scotworker,  John Leehman drives away with a better deal on his new car by effectively using the negotiator's swiss army knife; the wishlist! read paper


"Is Time on Your Side?"

Negotiators should never forget the importance of time in a negotiation. You can use it to set deadlines for negotiations; as a variable within the negotiation itself; to improve/worsen the deal; and you can even use it to stall negotiations by putting an unrealistic deadline in place. read paper


"New Year's Evolution"

New Year’s resolutions. We all do them...what’s the point? I guess they give us a little bit of focus for what should be important to us following a couple of weeks off from the ever spinning, ever faster treadmill that we call life. read paper


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