5 Tips Every Negotiator Needs to Know

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Are your negotiations dragging out? Do you find you waste time arguing the small stuff rather than locking in high value deals? Are you hearing 'NO' all too often? Struggling to build long term relationships with your counter-parties?

Download Scotwork's handy '5 Tips Every Negotiator Needs to Know' reference sheet and find out how you can be more effective at the negotiation table, build win-win relationships and make a great deal more.


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Debbie Spurgeon - Senior Consultant at Scotwork

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To Persuade or Negotiate? That is the Question!

So often we are asked – what is the difference between persuasion and negotiation? We observe negotiations, discussions, and arguments with two types of dialogue - persuasive dialogue and negotiating dialogue. Persuasive dialogue is telling, selling, influencing and arguing to win. Negotiating dialogue is trying to discover the positions, constraints and priorities of the other party and also disclosing your own. We are trying to gain understanding in order to then trade on issues. So should I persuade or negotiate?...

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