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Published: Nov 10 , 2020
Author: Ben Byth

Regardless of our positions or industry, we all will deal with difficult people at some point or another. For some, this could even be on a daily basis! They may be suppliers or colleagues; however their common thread is that they are people making demands and how we deal with them will have a material effect on both the relationship and our own sanity. In my experience there are often three common negotiating stereotypes you are likely to encounter and I have some tips for the best way deal with each!...

Moving From No to Yes in Negotiation.jpg

Published: Nov 03 , 2020
Author: Ben Byth

It’s something most of us hear on a day to day basis (and if you’re a parent you probably hear it more frequently still!). Whether it be customers, suppliers or even your boss…. Hearing someone say NO to our proposal is a fairly generic problem and one which often results in our discussion entering ‘Deadlock’. What’s to be done in this situation? Is our negotiation dead in the water? Or is there a way to resurrect it?...

Defending Difficult Decisions in Negotiation.jpg

Published: Oct 27 , 2020
Author: Ben Byth

Every now and then you will find yourself sitting across the negotiation table in a position which is very difficult to defend. Unfortunately, the legal stance is to argue your best case, however this will likely lead to damage to your credibility and social licence, and even worse… it can encourage your counterpart to be defensive and competitive. So what's the better alternative?...

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Obliquity - An Indirect Route to Success

Professor John Kay an economist, has written a fascinating book on the subject of obliquity (taking the indirect route). As negotiators, we often see solutions in only one focus - ours. As a result, we do not engage the counterparty’s creative skills to develop innovative solutions which benefit both. An example is a supplier part way through a contract who finds that because of an increase in non-planned maintenance, that they are not going to gain any profit from a contract...

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