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Published: Nov 12 , 2019
Author: Ben Byth

A friend was working in a sales role and was pretty comfortable with his lot in life. He was hitting targets, had a nice house with a manageable mortgage and his kids were going to a good school. Most importantly he had plenty of flexibility with his time so that he could be present at home for his kids. Interestingly though, while none of this changed… the fairy tale slowly eroded around him. His goals shifted, not because of anything inherent to his own intrinsic motivations, but rather because all his boss spoke of was money...

Silos Stifle Negotiation.jpg

Published: Oct 15 , 2019
Author: Ben Byth

I’m not sure if he had ever had a tour of the factory before, but one of the sales guys decided to tag along with us as his colleague (my client) showed me around the factory. The production manager was clearly passionate and really went into a fair bit of detail beyond what the different machines were… he began to explain how the production line operates and whilst doing so, flagged some of the key impediments to being productive… such as needing to change colours between runs. To my absolute delight, the sales guy became incredibly curious...

A Proposal Beats an Argument in Negotiation.jpg

Published: Oct 01 , 2019
Author: Ben Byth

While there are some of us out there who enjoy arguing, most of us mere mortals would much rather do away with the theatre and get down to business. However, sometimes it is really difficult to get the other person out of the argument – perhaps they are winning, maybe they just think they are winning, or possibly they hope that they will wear you down over time so that you give up...

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There is a misconception that when you are negotiating with someone who is not very skilled at the art of negotiation, you will get a better deal. In fact, it’s actually more difficult. Why? When you’re engaged with a counterparty who has poor negotiating skills you’re likely to encounter the following scenarios...

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