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Published: Dec 04 , 2018
Author: Ben Byth

More often than not, it is clear if a negotiation will be successful or not by the quality of questions being asked. Good negotiating questions will surface lots of new information about your counterparty’s worlds, their flexibilities and other interests. In contrast, poor questions will typically make it harder.

Relationships in negotiation.jpg

Published: Nov 22 , 2018
Author: Ben Byth

It doesn’t matter whether we are talking with buyers or sellers, managers or staff, nearly everyone we talk to has something to say about how important relationship is to them.

No one likes to be told what to do in negotiation.jpg

Published: Oct 18 , 2018
Author: Ben Byth

Who likes to be told what to do? As anyone with children will tell you, sometimes even the smallest non-contentious (or so you thought) requests can blowout into what feels like negotiating a peace treaty between nations at war. Our 3 year old daughter Annika is no different to any other children in this regard. She knows what she wants, she is prepared to demand it, and she isn’t afraid to go to war for it if we deny her.

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Influence, Persuasion and Negotiation

“You’re fine the way you are!” If I’ve taught you, you may have heard me say that. What I mean when I say this is that you don’t need to change your personality to be a good negotiator. You don’t need to be more aggressive, nor do you need to be more charismatic.

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