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Published: Aug 25 , 2020
Author: Ben Byth

While almost everyone would be able to relate to feeling a little ripped off in a negotiation sometimes, a select few of us have also been accused of being the one to rip someone else off. Some may relish in the fact that they have ‘gotten the better’ of the other party, but most of us mere humans will feel a little shame and possibly even fear of reprisals should the tables turn when power ebbs and flows...

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Published: Aug 18 , 2020
Author: Ben Byth

Every now and then, almost as soon as the ink is dry on the contract regret begins to bubble up inside us and we find ourselves thinking ‘what have I done’! Typically, this feeling of remorse or regret starts to manifest as we realise that the deal we just signed came rather easily and the other party has ‘snapped our hand off’. Our thought process goes along the lines of ‘because they didn’t push back very hard… maybe we could have asked for more!’...

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Published: Jul 28 , 2020
Author: Elizabeth Lewis

Negotiating over a webcam is not the same as face to face. Our overall advice is to slow the pace down, be deliberate with the words and information you provide and be concise. The main game here is to convey the relevant information to get the point across. If the software you’re using has screen sharing capabilities, take advantage of this and use this to demonstrate the relevant information!

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Be Specific With What You Want

You are out for a drink and the bartender asks you – “What would you like?” to which you reply “Guess!”. “Alright then” he says, “How about a red wine?”. You shake your head to this and say “No, that’s not what I want. Guess again.” After much back and forth, the bartender is justifiably irritated and through gritted teeth he tells you “I have other customers I need to serve, you look like someone who would enjoy a refreshing Sauvignon Blanc so I’ll pour you one of those. Enjoy your night.” This is a silly analogy to what I observe every week in most negotiations. Often there is a lack of specific disclosure as to what it is that the party wants or they take a long time to bring this information forward...

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