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Published: Apr 28 , 2020
Author: Ben Byth

My wife had to make a call to organise flowers for a client and being in the car on speaker I was lucky enough to hear the whole call. Sonja quickly established enough to ‘qualify in’ the florist and the florist also did a great job in establishing some key information about the order. But what happens next blows my mind...

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Published: Apr 07 , 2020
Author: Ben Byth

So often we work ourselves up into a sweat over how somebody might react to our proposal, sometimes our fear is founded, but often it isn’t and our fear only gets in the way of making good decisions. A friend recently shared with me that his company had undercharged a customer by $4,000 and, once the error was discovered, there was a discussion around how the client may react if his company tried to charge them the balance now...

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Published: Mar 03 , 2020
Author: Ben Byth

There is a reason so many athletes make it in the commercial world after they retire. The concepts and discipline they learn are simple and universal… so why do we struggle to understand and implement them as mere corporate citizens? A good friend is a Performance Coach for Australian Sailing and described to me the effort they go to learn from their mistakes. The race isn’t over at the finish line. The feedback loop is just kicking into gear...

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Bringing The Other Party to the Negotiation Table

“No issue can be negotiated unless you first have the clout to compel negotiation.” Saul Alinsky One recent Saturday morning, I was lamenting on the state of my house. The first load of laundry was already on and I was halfway through stacking the dishwasher. But Mt Washmore loomed in the background and the various abandoned toys throughout the living area, dining and lounge room were reminiscent of a ninja warrior course – requiring one to step around, weave through and jump over when traversing through the rooms. My children were oblivious to the chaos of course – relaxing blissfully under a blanket on the lounge watching TV. Not a care in the world as I grumbled through my cleaning routine...

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