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Published: Feb 11 , 2020
Author: Ben Byth

In a world where we have never been more connected, somehow it feels less personal. We are overloaded with new information and messages, a bit over the phone… but mostly via emails or private messages. While this has greatly increased the average salesperson’s reach, it has come at the cost of the personal touch and ability to hear the voice of the customer...

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Published: Jan 21 , 2020
Author: Ben Byth

What a strange sight as we were driving along - there were flames licking out the door of a parked BMW and the driver was beginning to hobble out. We turn around immediately and call emergency services. Thankfully the driver gets clear of the vehicle and there appear to be no other passengers...

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Published: Dec 03 , 2019
Author: Ben Byth

There are many reasons why proposals get rejected, and it is our job as negotiators to surface and remove the roadblocks. However, sadly many people subconsciously scuttle and roadblock their own proposals before they are even made. Some key tips to increase the likelihood of success...

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To Persuade or Negotiate? That is the Question!

So often we are asked – what is the difference between persuasion and negotiation? We observe negotiations, discussions, and arguments with two types of dialogue - persuasive dialogue and negotiating dialogue. Persuasive dialogue is telling, selling, influencing and arguing to win. Negotiating dialogue is trying to discover the positions, constraints and priorities of the other party and also disclosing your own. We are trying to gain understanding in order to then trade on issues. So should I persuade or negotiate?...

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