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Published: Aug 27 , 2019
Author: Ben Byth

You don’t have to spend long walking around the office or talking with customers/suppliers before someone makes a crazy demand of you. And why wouldn’t people make crazy demands of you… incredibly though, people typically respond by giving them some of what they have asked for (reinforcing the bad behavior).

Negotiating with your boss.jpg

Published: Aug 20 , 2019
Author: Ben Byth

Your heart starts to race, palms begin to sweat and your mind suddenly goes blank... The stakes are high and the presence of your boss or a more senior counterpart sitting across the table shoots anxiety through your body like an electric shock. Of course, this has an incredibly detrimental effect on your negotiating ability, which is why we typically do the worst deals when we are negotiating for ourselves… such as negotiating our own salary.

Making a proposal in negotiation.jpg

Published: Jul 22 , 2019
Author: Ben Byth

Interestingly, nearly every time I speak with someone who is reluctant to make a proposal, their fear stems from not knowing how much to ask for. They hope they can put a Goldilocks position on the table - not too hot and not too cold - however they know that the likelihood of guessing what will be ‘just right’ is virtually zero. They worry that their proposal will be rejected almost as much as they worry their proposal will be accepted...

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