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Published: Feb 21 , 2019
Author: Elizabeth Lewis

As humans we love a whinge don’t we. And truth be told – we're pretty good at it. It’s a fact of life that things will not always go our way or that at some point we will feel aggrieved. And when this happens, many of us will feel the need to vent our frustration to whoever we feel wronged us. Let’s be honest – we'll probably also whinge about it to anyone within earshot...

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Published: Feb 05 , 2019
Author: Elizabeth Lewis

How do you define negotiation? Or rather – how do you define what successful negotiation looks like? I recall a somewhat humorous interaction I had with a former colleague awhile back. At the time, we were having a small in-office celebration...

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Published: Oct 25 , 2018
Author: Elizabeth Lewis

Sometimes we find brilliant examples of good negotiation behaviour in the most unexpected places. A recent article in an online magazine aimed at airline enthusiasts caught my attention as it detailed some wonderfully creative negotiation behaviour. The story revolved around the ill-fated United Airlines 811 flight which blew a cargo door at 22,000 feet on its way from Honolulu to Auckland in February 1989...

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Why I Prefer Good Deals Over Perfect Ones

So often we find people telling us they want to sweat every penny out of their opposition and get the deal done right on the other party’s limit position. Sometimes they themselves want to gain their place in the company’s hall of fame, typically they have been delegated the impossible task.

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