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Published: Jul 18 , 2019
Author: Elizabeth Lewis

We love to hear back from attendees of our training programs about how they have put their new skills into play and the impact that this has both personally and professionally. We are thrilled to share with you a guest blog from one of our clients who shares with us his observations of applying the skills to a real world negotiation and the impact of doing so...

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Published: May 30 , 2019
Author: Elizabeth Lewis

I am fortunate enough to work with some really fantastic people who I not only like on a personal level, but whom I have a great deal of admiration for in terms of their knowledge and skill around negotiation and business in general. Recently I got to thinking though, these colleagues who I admire – who do they admire themselves when it comes to negotiation and why?

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Published: Feb 21 , 2019
Author: Elizabeth Lewis

As humans we love a whinge don’t we. And truth be told – we're pretty good at it. It’s a fact of life that things will not always go our way or that at some point we will feel aggrieved. And when this happens, many of us will feel the need to vent our frustration to whoever we feel wronged us. Let’s be honest – we'll probably also whinge about it to anyone within earshot...

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Negotiating With Your Boss or Someone Senior to You

Your heart starts to race, palms begin to sweat and your mind suddenly goes blank... The stakes are high and the presence of your boss or a more senior counterpart sitting across the table shoots anxiety through your body like an electric shock. Of course, this has an incredibly detrimental effect on your negotiating ability, which is why we typically do the worst deals when we are negotiating for ourselves… such as negotiating our own salary.

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