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Published: Aug 04 , 2020
Author: Elizabeth Lewis

These past few months of pandemic life have certainly been interesting. With many of our social and recreational outlets taken away or heavily restricted, new norms and ways of entertaining ourselves have been required. One popular pastime during lockdown has been binge watching Netflix, Stan and Disney+. One of my favourite modern series is Stranger Things and I was blown away recently by a scene where 10 year old Erica schools us all on how to negotiate...

Tips and Cosiderations for Negotiating Virtually.jpg

Published: Jul 28 , 2020
Author: Elizabeth Lewis

Negotiating over a webcam is not the same as face to face. Our overall advice is to slow the pace down, be deliberate with the words and information you provide and be concise. The main game here is to convey the relevant information to get the point across. If the software you’re using has screen sharing capabilities, take advantage of this and use this to demonstrate the relevant information!

Tips and Considerations for Virtual Negotiation.jpg

Published: Jul 21 , 2020
Author: Elizabeth Lewis

I asked a friend recently how he was coping with social isolation. “I have never been more efficient,” he proclaimed enthusiastically. “All those meetings I used to attend are now on Zoom: no commuting, no looking for parking, so much more efficient. I’m getting twice as much done.” Commentators are seeing work from home (WFH) as becoming a permanent feature of the economy when all restrictions are lifted. Currently 15% of the workforce is able to work from home and this is predicted to rise to 30% post pandemic.

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Every now and then someone will make a demand of you that you can't help but feel is unreasonable. Your first reaction will often be one of shock, and you may even ask if they are joking?! However, annoyance then usually sets in once you realise they felt it was okay to make such an outrageous request. When emotions begin to boil in these situations it is often best to step away, cool down and think about your response!...

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