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Published: Feb 15 , 2018
Author: Jared Bamford

What do you think defines a good negotiator? I will hazard a guess and say that there will be multiple, varied responses to this question. Perceptions will differ as to what the characteristics of a great negotiator are, what constitutes good negotiating behaviour and, even, what a successful negotiation outcome looks like. Also, your thoughts around each of these concepts may differ depending on what stage you are at in your negotiation journey, whether you currently find the process of negotiation intimidating or are a seasoned negotiator with some form of negotiation training under your belt.

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Published: Dec 14 , 2017
Author: Jared Bamford

Some people will advise you never to negotiate with your family, but we believe there is a time and place for it, given the collaborative approach that Scotwork teaches. It is true, though, that in any loving relationship, there will be an abundance of “unconditional concessions” flowing in both directions...

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Published: Nov 16 , 2017
Author: Jared Bamford

With the exponential growth in technology and the implications of that for the media industry, significant changes to the media landscape shaped by the duopoly of Google and Facebook are presenting media buying agencies with new challenges. Traditional advertising, along with traditional set commissions are being replaced by an increasing move towards digital advertising and incentives in the form of rebates-a highly debated and contentious current topic in the media world.

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We love to hear back from attendees of our training programs about how they have put their new skills into play and the impact that this has both personally and professionally. We are thrilled to share with you a guest blog from one of our clients who shares with us his observations of applying the skills to a real world negotiation and the impact of doing so...

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