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Published: May 05 , 2020
Author: Keith Stacey

‘Running’s Not cunning, If That’s All You Can Do.’ This inspired line from Wayne Smith, chief rugby writer for the Australian newspaper, captures the fate of the Wallabies in the 2019 World Cup. I’m not an expert in the game, but I have followed the commentary and controversy swirling around this recent campaign and Rugby Australia generally over the last year. There are many lessons for negotiators in this saga.

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Published: Mar 31 , 2020
Author: Keith Stacey

A fable for all negotiators... A wealthy businessman owned a large estate on a headland overlooking a harbour. The headland divided two popular beaches. The boundary of the headland was an unfenced twenty metre cliff face. A narrow pathway around the cliff edge connected the two beaches...

The Power of Yes in Negotiation.jpg

Published: Mar 24 , 2020
Author: Keith Stacey

Many of life’s important lessons are counter-intuitive. Our natural reactions are the opposite of what is the right thing to do. Some examples: If your car begins to slide the instinctive is to correct the slide by steering in the other direction. This further imbalances the car and makes the slide worse. A skilled driver steers into the slide and gains control of the car before steering where it should be going. Watch any rally driver on a dirt road steer round a sharp corner and you will see the skill in practice...

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Bringing The Other Party to the Negotiation Table

“No issue can be negotiated unless you first have the clout to compel negotiation.” Saul Alinsky One recent Saturday morning, I was lamenting on the state of my house. The first load of laundry was already on and I was halfway through stacking the dishwasher. But Mt Washmore loomed in the background and the various abandoned toys throughout the living area, dining and lounge room were reminiscent of a ninja warrior course – requiring one to step around, weave through and jump over when traversing through the rooms. My children were oblivious to the chaos of course – relaxing blissfully under a blanket on the lounge watching TV. Not a care in the world as I grumbled through my cleaning routine...

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