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The Limits to Memory When Negotiating.jpg

Published: Nov 05 , 2019
Author: Keith Stacey

How many times have you gone to the supermarket to buy a short list of items? A list that you can remember everything from. You arrive home with three extra items bought on impulse and of course the essential item required for tonight’s recipe, the nutmeg, has been forgotten. Of course, if you’d gone to Aldi you may have arrived home with a litre of milk and a 3D printer, but still no nutmeg. The limits of short term memory is seven items. This limitation may be inconvenient at home, but can have far more serious consequences on a bigger stage...

Excellent is the enemy of good in negotiation.jpg

Published: Oct 08 , 2019
Author: Keith Stacey

Stage one was now complete with cleaning up under the house – over half of the clutter had been carted off in the back of my ute to the tip; along with two perfectly good life jackets (sigh), which somehow got missed in the urgency to clean up. Having reduced my stuff considerably, I was still faced with yet another disorganised pile of stuff I did not need immediately, but would use in a year’s time (assuming my plan for a new shack eventuated). Fortunately in a corner of the cellar there was a floor made from used pallets. My initial thought was to clear the area, level the floor and cover the repositioned pallets with flooring. I started to take measurements to begin the tedious work on this excellent solution when I realised this was perhaps ‘overkill’ in terms of what was required...

Begin with End in Mind in Negotiation.jpg

Published: Sep 24 , 2019
Author: Keith Stacey

Recently I ran out of storage space for all the stuff I’d accumulated. After years of procrastination, I knew I had to throw things out. Various charities were the beneficiaries of standard lamps, heaters, old books and other dross that I had stored away thinking it ‘may be useful one day’. As I went through the process of offloading, I felt a strange mixture of liberation and humiliation...

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A friend was working in a sales role and was pretty comfortable with his lot in life. He was hitting targets, had a nice house with a manageable mortgage and his kids were going to a good school. Most importantly he had plenty of flexibility with his time so that he could be present at home for his kids. Interestingly though, while none of this changed… the fairy tale slowly eroded around him. His goals shifted, not because of anything inherent to his own intrinsic motivations, but rather because all his boss spoke of was money...

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