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Published: Jul 21 , 2020
Author: Elizabeth Lewis

I asked a friend recently how he was coping with social isolation. “I have never been more efficient,” he proclaimed enthusiastically. “All those meetings I used to attend are now on Zoom: no commuting, no looking for parking, so much more efficient. I’m getting twice as much done.” Commentators are seeing work from home (WFH) as becoming a permanent feature of the economy when all restrictions are lifted. Currently 15% of the workforce is able to work from home and this is predicted to rise to 30% post pandemic.

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Published: May 05 , 2020
Author: Keith Stacey

‘Running’s Not cunning, If That’s All You Can Do.’ This inspired line from Wayne Smith, chief rugby writer for the Australian newspaper, captures the fate of the Wallabies in the 2019 World Cup. I’m not an expert in the game, but I have followed the commentary and controversy swirling around this recent campaign and Rugby Australia generally over the last year. There are many lessons for negotiators in this saga.

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Published: Mar 31 , 2020
Author: Keith Stacey

A fable for all negotiators... A wealthy businessman owned a large estate on a headland overlooking a harbour. The headland divided two popular beaches. The boundary of the headland was an unfenced twenty metre cliff face. A narrow pathway around the cliff edge connected the two beaches...

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Be Specific With What You Want

You are out for a drink and the bartender asks you – “What would you like?” to which you reply “Guess!”. “Alright then” he says, “How about a red wine?”. You shake your head to this and say “No, that’s not what I want. Guess again.” After much back and forth, the bartender is justifiably irritated and through gritted teeth he tells you “I have other customers I need to serve, you look like someone who would enjoy a refreshing Sauvignon Blanc so I’ll pour you one of those. Enjoy your night.” This is a silly analogy to what I observe every week in most negotiations. Often there is a lack of specific disclosure as to what it is that the party wants or they take a long time to bring this information forward...

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