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Published: Sep 10 , 2019
Author: Keith Stacey

Been watching the dog-father lately? Well it’s a ‘must watch’ show for all successful negotiators. In a recent episode there’s this woman you see, and she holds this dog tight on his lead. She’s anxious that he’ll lunge at passers by - because, yes, he has before. And each time she walks her dog, she gets even more stressed out, particularly on paths where others are coming towards her and she drags in the lead ‘til she’s leaning over, just about holding his collar.

The Greatest Negotiators.jpg

Published: May 30 , 2019
Author: Elizabeth Lewis

I am fortunate enough to work with some really fantastic people who I not only like on a personal level, but whom I have a great deal of admiration for in terms of their knowledge and skill around negotiation and business in general. Recently I got to thinking though, these colleagues who I admire – who do they admire themselves when it comes to negotiation and why?

Negotiation Wish List.jpg

Published: Aug 28 , 2017
Author: Keith Stacey

Are you using a wish list during your negotiations? Perhaps you're aware of their use but not convinced of their merit during the negotiation process.

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