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Published: May 10 , 2018
Author: Marc Mcallister

A client recently decided to engage a digital marketing firm to conduct online marketing for their small restaurant. Business had steadily grown, and they had expanded from what was originally just one small food truck to that and an additional two brick and mortar stores. As such, they felt it was time to develop a focused marketing strategy utilising social media campaigns - typically a successful approach to brand development in the current fast food market.

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Published: Mar 15 , 2018
Author: Marc McAllister

Most of us are aware of the recent news about KFC, UK, where they had to temporarily close down two thirds of their stores due to what they deemed to be “teething issues with a new delivery partner”. KFC were quick to brush it off as insignificant as they went into damage control over the negative publicity, but in a time where heavy weights in the FMCG space have exercised their power balance over suppliers in order to achieve rock bottom prices, we are starting to see suppliers to these mega brands fight back to end the power shift.

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Published: Feb 22 , 2018
Author: Marc Mcallister

While browsing the news recently, an article about a disgruntled airline passenger caught my attention-mainly for its quirky headline. But I kept reading as I noticed that some aspects in the process of dealing with the upset customer could have been avoided, instead of leading to worldwide headlines of, “Woman says she flushed an ‘emotional support hamster’ down the toilet on advice from Spirit Airlines”. The airline denied this advice was ever given.

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How Well Do You Speak the Language of Negotiation?

I can speak 3 languages. English, French and negotiation. English is my native tongue, but I had to learn and practice for many years to speak a decent level of French. At some point invariably, I stopped practicing and speaking it and I am now rusty to say the least. I am however fluent in the language of negotiation as for the last 10 years I’ve studied, practiced, executed and taught it daily. We are all capable of speaking this language. The question is how well?

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