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Negotiating from a weak position.jpg

Published: Aug 13 , 2019
Author: Tyler Hall

It’s much easier to get good agreements when you have the power balance in your favour. However, at some stage you will find yourself in a weak negotiating position. You can see just how skilled a person is as a negotiator if they are able to close a good deal from a weak position. Here are a few negotiation tips for if you find yourself in this situation...

Negotiation Lessons from the Sun and the Wind.jpg

Published: Aug 06 , 2019
Author: Tyler Hall

Long ago, the Wind and the Sun quarrelled over who was stronger. Upon seeing a traveller coming down the road, the Sun said: “Now we can end our dispute. Whomever of us can make that traveller take off his cloak shall be regarded as the victor. You begin.” The Sun retired behind a cloud while the Wind blew, blustered, and raged upon the travelling man. But the harsher he blew, the tighter the man wrapped his coat. At last, exhausted, the Wind gave up in despair. The Sun came out and shone in all her glory upon the traveller. Soon the man tipped his face up to the warmth. He removed his coat and basked in the Sun’s rays...

Do you speak the language of negotiation.jpg

Published: Jun 06 , 2019
Author: Tyler Hall

I can speak 3 languages. English, French and negotiation. English is my native tongue, but I had to learn and practice for many years to speak a decent level of French. At some point invariably, I stopped practicing and speaking it and I am now rusty to say the least. I am however fluent in the language of negotiation as for the last 10 years I’ve studied, practiced, executed and taught it daily. We are all capable of speaking this language. The question is how well?

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Negotiating With Your Boss or Someone Senior to You

Your heart starts to race, palms begin to sweat and your mind suddenly goes blank... The stakes are high and the presence of your boss or a more senior counterpart sitting across the table shoots anxiety through your body like an electric shock. Of course, this has an incredibly detrimental effect on your negotiating ability, which is why we typically do the worst deals when we are negotiating for ourselves… such as negotiating our own salary.

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