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Published: Feb 18 , 2020
Author: Tyler Hall

So often we are asked – what is the difference between persuasion and negotiation? We observe negotiations, discussions, and arguments with two types of dialogue - persuasive dialogue and negotiating dialogue. Persuasive dialogue is telling, selling, influencing and arguing to win. Negotiating dialogue is trying to discover the positions, constraints and priorities of the other party and also disclosing your own. We are trying to gain understanding in order to then trade on issues. So should I persuade or negotiate?...

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Published: Jan 28 , 2020
Author: Tyler Hall

At Scotwork we talk a great deal about picking up on ‘signals’ during negotiation. These signals are glimpses into the other parties areas of flexibility which usually come in the form of qualifying words, body language and questions. The ability to discover areas of flexibility is always of great benefit when you are in a negotiation...

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Published: Dec 10 , 2019
Author: Tyler Hall

If you are working as a team on a negotiation, it’s important to allocate team tasks to ensure your team is aligned at the table. One of the key tasks is the lead negotiator. So how do you decide who is best placed to lead?...

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This is Not Going to Hurt

We have all heard these comforting words from a medical practitioner. Of course it ends up hurting like hell. You understand that what they should have said is, “This is not going to hurt me.” The words intended to comfort, structure expectations in the wrong direction and a special trust has been breached. The issue of pain is not often mentioned in negotiations, but is often felt. Each time we make a concession, fail to achieve an objective or an agreement the pain becomes evident...

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