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Published: Sep 17 , 2019
Author: Tyler Hall

You probably have numerous regular negotiations throughout the year - with both internal and strategic external parties. However, there’s someone you negotiate with more frequently - yourself! I believe there are two critical moments where we become our own worst enemy in a negotiation...

The Dos and Donts of Negotiating Via Email.jpg

Published: Sep 03 , 2019
Author: Tyler Hall

A recent study by McKinsey published on the Harvard Business Review website has found that the average full time worker spends around 28% of their work week reviewing and responding to emails. That’s roughly 2 and a half hours of your work day spent communicating electronically with colleagues, clients and other parties you are negotiating with. However, according to a survey commissioned by Adobe which featured on Huff Post, some professionals may actually be spending up to 6.3 hours per day on email! With that in mind what are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to negotiating over email?

Negotiating from a weak position.jpg

Published: Aug 13 , 2019
Author: Tyler Hall

It’s much easier to get good agreements when you have the power balance in your favour. However, at some stage you will find yourself in a weak negotiating position. You can see just how skilled a person is as a negotiator if they are able to close a good deal from a weak position. Here are a few negotiation tips for if you find yourself in this situation...

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