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Published: Sep 28 , 2016
Author: Tyler Hall

FBI Hostage Negotiation Techniques You Can Use to Achieve Better Outcomes. The goal of the FBI hostage negotiator is to, “work with the person in crisis towards a peaceful solution that previously seemed impossible.”

Published: Aug 07 , 2014
Author: Simon Letchford

Win-win doesn’t always apply. In an extreme example, a hostage negotiator will not be overly concerned that the hostage-taker leaves the negotiation happy; in fact it may be quite important to ensure the opposite, to minimize repeat or copycat behavior in future...

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This is Not Going to Hurt

We have all heard these comforting words from a medical practitioner. Of course it ends up hurting like hell. You understand that what they should have said is, “This is not going to hurt me.” The words intended to comfort, structure expectations in the wrong direction and a special trust has been breached. The issue of pain is not often mentioned in negotiations, but is often felt. Each time we make a concession, fail to achieve an objective or an agreement the pain becomes evident...

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