The Open Door Technique

If you are in deadlock or find yourselves 'stuck' on a particular issue in a negotiation, one of the most useful techniques is, "Just suppose…"

This allows you to look through the door to see what lies beyond without committing yourselves. Good negotiators do not close doors. They may need them later on in the negotiation. "Let’s say for the sake of argument"…."What if that were a possibility?"

This approach allows you to test the other party’s flexibility. "Just suppose we were able to be flexible on issue 'A', could you be flexible on issue 'B'?" If a solution is not forthcoming, recognise the other party’s willingness to be flexible and commit to using the approach the next time you need a creative solution to break an impasse in your negotiation.

5 Agenda Points for Preparation

  1. Information

Analyse the power balance - incentives and sanctions. What do they want from us? What may they wish to avoid? What do we want from them? What is it that they could do to us that we wish to avoid?

What information do we need to share in order to structure their expectations about our desired outcome?

What questions do we need to ask to understand what they want to achieve?

  1. Objectives

What are our 'main issues' for negotiation? What is our 'intend' (realistic and optimistic) position on each? Do we have any 'must achieves' in our 'main issues'? If so, what are they? Have we stress-tested our 'must achieves' and are they really 'must achieves'?

  1. Strategy

How will we plan to achieve our objectives? What are our plans 'B' and 'C' if plan 'A' does not work?

  1. Wishlist

What variables can we trade into the deal if it is reached too easily or if we are pushed from our 'intend' positions?

  1. Concessions

What variables would we be willing to concede or be flexible on?

Presenting a Multi-pointed Claim

A multi-pointed claim is when you are dealing with multiple variables. When presenting a multi-pointed claim to another party, it is more productive to tackle each variable individually and seek a response on each. This is the negotiating equivalent of eating an elephant one bite at a time.It would usually be much more difficult to seek agreement on all the variables at once.

Advancing Negotiation Skills Part 2

If you'd like to reinforce, fine-tune and refresh your negotiation expertise, this intensive two-day course will provide that opportunity. Practice five live negotiating cases which recreate everyday business situations and thus develop your skills further. Deep-dive into techniques and strategies to supplement your negotiation toolkit. And measure the return on investment that negotiation pays to your business. With a participant-to-tutor ratio of just 6:1 you will receive one-on-one guidance from our hands-on negotiation coaches.

This course is for people who have completed the Advancing Negotiation Skills Course and want to further enhance their negotiation abilities.

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