Explore our library of resources for helpful tips, deep-dive analysis and blue-sky thinking, all researched and authored by Scotwork’s negotiation experts. See below for a wide choice of blog articles, ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, course brochures and videos.

Explore our library of resources for helpful tips, deep-dive analysis and blue-sky thinking, all researched and authored by Scotwork’s negotiation experts. See below for a wide choice of blog articles, ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, course brochures and videos.


A Wordler's Guide to Negotiating

Keith Stacey 17th July 2024

There are a number of skills required to play Wordle successfully and surprisingly negotiators and wordlers have lots in common...

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Be Clear on Your Objective Before Creating Your Negotiation Strategy

John Hopkins 4th June 2024

While negotiation might seem like a complex dance with lawyers, probity, subject matter experts and even external negotiation training and support specialists, it often boils down to a clear understanding of your goal. This is where differentiatin...

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Avoiding Over-Confidence in Negotiation

Keith Stacey 8th May 2024

Confidence, when coupled with confirmation bias and a capacity for self-deception, is something to watch out for....

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Negotiating Confidence - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Keith Stacey 1st May 2024

An important precondition for success as a negotiator is belief in your own ability to achieve positive outcomes. And don’t we love confident people. Taylor Swift. Ariarne Titmus. Scott Pape (The Barefoot Investor). They’re all people who inspire...

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Negotiating Foundation Workshop

The Negotiating Foundation Workshop starts you on a life-changing journey towards negotiating control

Advancing Negotiation Skills

Start your negotiating skills training here

Virtual Advancing Negotiation Skills

Start your virtual skills journey here

Negotiating Essentials

Introduction to the process of negotiation

Coaching Negotiation Skills

Keep your people negotiation-ready

Strategic Negotiating Brochure

Plan and prepare your teams

Negotiation Skills Capability Survey Brochure

Have you ever asked yourself how well your team or your organisation negotiates? The NSCS will benchmark your people against our assessment of best practice worldwide and give you a report to help you to understand strengths and development needs

Capability Survey Findings Report

During 2015, Scotwork developed a Negotiating Skills Capability Survey to tackle the question: “How well do my people negotiate?” We are now in a position to be able to say that we have one of the most comprehensive sets of researched data about negotiators and their own views of their capabilities, shortcomings and understanding of the negotiating process

Powerful Results

Key findings from Scotwork course participants, covering improved performance, financial return and personal benefits

The Negotiating Profile

Give your negotiators the power of self-improvement

Defence Specific ANS

Helping defence and industry deliver better value and develop collaborative, win-win outcomes

Negotiation Refresher Workshop

Build and refine your repertoire of negotiation skills

Negotiating Top Tips Workshop

A tailored workshop to assist your negotiation needs


Understanding Negotiating Power

Power is critical to any negotiation. Take control of the power balance and you are empowered to turn any negotiation to your advantage and secure the best deal. This e-book gives negotiators of all abilities essential insights into the nature and use of negotiating power.

Pushing Price Rises

Feeling the bite of inflation and seeking a price rise from your counterpart? Scotwork have prepared a tactical toolkit to guide you through the process.

Fending Off Inflationary Demands

What does this mean for businesses faced with inflationary demands and how should negotiators respond when making deals amidst this pressure? Scotwork Australia have prepared a tactical toolkit outlining the key things to consider when preparing your defences against creeping costs.

Global Negotiation Skills Capability Report

This report provides the world’s most comprehensive insight into the skills developed and tactics employed in business communities around the world to trade and bargain for benefit. Respondents vary from the C-Suite to sales directors, heads of procurement and category buyers. They all negotiate regularly for their companies but are not professional negotiators.

Negotiating in Uncertain Times

Over the past months we have endured unprecedented disruption. This sequence of events has taken us from uncertainty to hyperuncertainty, a frozen state of mind that hinders normative behaviour. This eBook provides some strategic, tactical and skill-based ideas on how to negotiate more successfully in these hyperuncertain times.

Negotiating Begins at Home

To weather the crisis, we all need to stick together and work together. But, with all these new pressures, how do families and households stay co-operative and conflict-free? How do you and your cohabitants find a way to get what you want without raising hackles and kicking off a civil war? Applying a few negotiation skills may well be the answer. Here are seven easy ways to use negotiation technique to make lockdown life more tolerable for everyone.

Top Tips & Hints for Negotiating Virtually

We are confined to thinking about how we adapt our current means of negotiating to a new environment, so let’s turn the whole thing inside out and think about how video conferencing platforms empower us to do things differently.

Negotiating via Email

While email is convenient and expedient, it’s fraught with peril for both skilled and unskilled negotiators alike. This eBook provides top tips on how to negotiate via email.

Telephone Negotiations

Top tips on how to handle phone negotiations

Keep Sharp - Negotiation Skill Tips

Our negotiation skill tips are a distillation of, often, complex analysis into simple, practical, usable language and techniques designed to be relevant in the real world. This eBook is collection of top 10 skill tips for successful negotiation.

The Dirty Tricks of Negotiation and How to Spot Them

Negotiation can be hazardous. There are dozens of underhand tactics out there designed to wrest control and push you from the negotiating table empty-handed. Hard to detect, these dirty tricks can be ruthlessly effective. They can catch you off-guard and force you to concede again and again. Identifying and side-stepping these threats will help you keep control and secure a better deal.

The Dirty Tricks of Negotiation and How to Spot Them 2

Every day Scotwork experts observe negotiation in action all over the world. Over 100,000 hours of deal-making analysis has exposed a minefield of sneaky tactics, ranging from the slightly questionable to the downright dirty. Dirty Tricks Volume 2 builds upon the popularity of Dirty Tricks Volume 1 and brings together 10 more of the most notorious negotiation tricks.

5 Tips for Negotiation Preparation

Need help with preparation? Here are 5 easy tips on how to prepare for negotiations.

10 Negotiation Dilemmas

Who goes first? Do I ask for what I want? Here is the list of 10 most common dilemmas faced by the negotiator.

10 Tips for Negotiating your Salary

Have you got a salary review coming up? Here are 10 top tips on how to negotiate your salary package.

10 Tips for the Negotiator Who Wants Answers

Having problems getting the information you need from the other party? Here are 10 tips on how to ask questions in negotiation.


Dealing With Difficult People

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Negotiation Is A Trading Process

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Hope Is Not A Strategy

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Matt Muscio, CEO of LifeHealthcare shares his experience after embedding Scotwork’s Negotiating methodology.


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Nick Ford - Director, Global Client Operations at WPP

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