Meet Our Team


Take a closer look at Scotwork’s people. Each of us has years of real-world negotiation under our belts. We come from all walks of life and all shades of business. We enjoy the rough and tumble of deal-making and helping others become high-achieving negotiators.

Ben Byth

Managing Partner, Brisbane

Ben is a “people person” who consistently practices the skill of being present to his clients’ needs and meeting them by “unpacking the negotiation process” in an authentic, clear and very practical manner.

Ben Byth Scotwork Negotiation Managing Partner (1)

Liz Lewis

Marketing Manager, Sydney

Liz is a firm believer in the Scotwork principle of collaborative negotiation and its ability to facilitate mutually beneficial outcomes. She asserts that the act of adjournment is a crucial aspect of effective negotiating.

New Widget Liz

Phil Joynes

Partner, Sydney

Phil is a strong believer in collaboration and relationship management as critical enablers of business success and is devoted to helping organisations create value through interest-based, mutual gain negotiation.

Phil Joynes Scotwork Negotiation Partner

Gerry Mabarrack

Senior Consultant, Perth

Gerry is a great believer in Scotwork's evidence based process, particularly in relation to measurable commercial outcomes and efficiency improvements. He has seen this put into practice, with the total time to complete a negotiation reduced from months to less than an hour.

Gerry Mabarrack Scotwork Negotiation Consultant

Jane Leggate

Consultant, Sydney

Jane considers the art of negotiation a powerful vehicle in driving strong strategic partnerships. She believes in solid preparation to deliver successful business outcomes. Jane is passionate in helping individuals harness greater confidence at the negotiation table.

Jane Leggate Scotwork Negotiation Consultant

Jacob Hall

BD Executive, Sydney

One of the key lessons that has resonated with Jacob is that good preparation, identifying your ‘must haves’ along with a wish list will ensure that value is gained from a negotiation and objectives are achieved.

Jacob Hall Scotwork Negotiation Buiness Development Executive

Simon Kelland

Partner, Sydney

Simon believes that material, value-creating opportunities are often missed in complex negotiations because, all too often, the parties take a win/lose approach rather than an interest-based, mutual gain approach.

Simon Kelland Scotwork Negotiation Partner

Melissa Carroll

Partner, Sydney

The Scotwork principle which Melissa puts to use as an integral part of her dealings with staff and clients alike is the ‘value of trading’. Her negotiating activities are largely with venues and with the people she manages.

Melissa Carroll Scotwork Negotiation Head Of Operations

Tyler Hall

Partner, Sydney

Tyler has an innate ability to communicate complex concepts and situations in a simple way. He brings enthusiasm to the learning environment and has a personable and calm style when interacting with clients.

New Template Tyler

Jared Bamford

Partner, Sydney

Jared is passionate not just about uplifting individuals’ negotiation skill capabilities through delivery of high calibre programs, but also partnering with teams to maximise consistent application in real world commercial negotiations.

Jared Bamford Scotwork Negotiation Partner

Keith Stacey

Principal Consultant, Hobart 

Keith proffers that the two attributes of an effective negotiator are assertiveness in pursuit of their objectives, while at the same time demonstrating creativity in trying to meet the other person’s objectives.

Keith Stacey Scotwork Negotiation Principal Consultant

Mike Hurly

Head of Revenue, Sydney

Coming from a sales background, Mike has a special interest in nurturing long term business relationships and understands the pivotal role negotiation plays in building these.

Mike Hurly Scotwork Negotiation Head Of Revenue

Hunter Shannonhouse

Principal Consultant, Sydney

Hunter is firmly of the belief that negotiation is about skill, not personality, and so takes particular pride in helping clients and participants to see that their perceptions about what makes them stronger or weaker negotiators are not necessarily true.

Hunter Shannonhouse Scotwork Negotiation Principal Consultant

Mark Rizkalla

Consultant, Melbourne

Mark believes that the key traits of a good negotiator are being curious and remembering that the negotiation process is about enabling rather than blocking. He further asserts that applying Scotwork's mutual gain philosophy to negotiations will foster stronger long-term relationships between you and the other party. Because after all, people deal with people.

Mark Rizkalla Scotwork Negotiation Consultant