Take a closer look at Scotwork’s people. Each of us has years of real-world negotiation under our belts. We come from all walks of life and all shades of business. We enjoy the rough and tumble of deal-making and helping others become high-achieving negotiators.

Simon Kelland

Managing Partner, Sydney

Simon believes that material, value-creating opportunities are often missed in complex negotiations because, all too often, the parties take a win/lose approach rather than an interest-based, mutual gain approach to negotiating.

Simon focuses on transaction consulting – effectively bringing best practice structure and skills development support to major, high value, strategic and complex negotiations for clients. Getting to a deal is only the start – Simon is committed to helping clients build long term relationships with their business partners, not just to “doing a good deal”.

Simon began his professional career as a chartered accountant before moving into banking more than 25 years ago. As a banker, leading deals and businesses in major banks and specialist structured financiers, Simon was directly involved in negotiating many high value, complex transactions. In recent years as a full time negotiation specialist, Simon has helped clients in a range of industries negotiate highly satisfactory outcomes, often within a high stakes and time-pressured environment. Simon specialises in the defence contracting, banking and finance, and professional services industries.

Simon has led hundreds of negotiations in his career. As a banker in the 1990s, Simon led the negotiation for what was, at the time, the largest information technology financing ever completed in Australia, achieving a mutually beneficial outcome for both parties. He also led a number of strategic corporate negotiations as CEO of the leading Australian technology specialist financier and, as a senior executive in the banking industry, Simon had executive leadership and responsibility for many large, complex negotiations – both external and internal. As a negotiation consultant and advisor, Simon has advised on and led multiple negotiations on behalf of clients, including complex procurements, strategic alliance renegotiations, joint venture restructures and M&A transactions

Some of Simon's executive titles before joining Scotwork in 2005 included: Executive Director of Project and Structured Finance at ANZ investment bank in Sydney, General Manager of Strategy and Business Development at ANZ bank's specialist finance company subsidiary, Esanda, Managing Director of Esanda Fleet Partners, Chief Executive Officer of Equigroup, and Associate Director in the Asset and Infrastructure Group at Macquarie Bank. At ANZ, Simon was also a member of the Chief Executive’s Group – a strategic decision-making body comprising the 50 most senior executives of the bank. As Managing Partner at Scotwork, Simon leads by example and mentors the team.

Simon qualified as a chartered accountant in 1991, is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and was for many years a trustee of the Committee for the Economic Development of Australia. Simon holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Tasmania and has completed executive programs at Stanford University Graduate School of Business in the USA and IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Louis Werth

Partner and Principal Consultant, Sydney

Subscribing fully to Scotwork's fundamental negotiating principles of collaboration and mutual gain, Louis believes very strongly in making negotiation a simple and actionable process for all parties. He values the role he plays in supporting clients throughout the negotiation process, particularly when leading negotiations on their behalf.

Louis is able to help clients focus on what is important and reduce time wasted during negotiations by proactively managing stakeholder expectations and minimising bureaucratic processes.

In the ten years that he has been with Scotwork, Louis has led many consulting projects, providing negotiation coaching, mediation and best practice negotiation process advice to multiple clients across a range of industries. In most client engagements, Louis fulfils the role of lead negotiator at the table, guiding the negotiation process and ensuring that all parties in the negotiation – not just the client - achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. In recent years Louis has focused on providing negotiation support to complex procurement projects in the public sector and he has also worked on high stakes engagements in the pharmaceutical, IT and industrial relations fields.

Louis lists his selection as one of only a handful of Tier 1 members of the Department of Defence negotiation services panel as a major career highlight. Being publicly recognised as a negotiation expert worthy of advising Australia's top military leaders in multi billion dollar complex procurements is an accomplishment of which Louis is extremely proud.

After compulsory military service in his native South Africa, Louis entered the FMCG industry, joining Woolworths South Africa, ultimately holding store manager and merchandising manager positions. Louis then joined IBM and relocated to the UK with subsequent assignments to IBM’s European headquarters, holding management roles in International E-Commerce Business Development and UK Global Services. Louis then moved on and 'earned his negotiation stripes' when he joined the easyGroup (comprising easyJet and a range of adjacent businesses) as Commercial Director, a position which saw him responsible for negotiating joint ventures, venture capital investment and commercial agreements.

Louis moved to Australia and joined Scotwork in 2007, having already gained a deep appreciation for the Scotwork approach to negotiation when he attended the Scotwork Advanced Negotiating Skills program in 1993 while at IBM.

Louis is a Partner in Scotwork's Sydney office, specialising in negotiation advisory work with a focus on complex negotiations in the pharmaceutical and medical devices, information and communication technology, public and defence sectors.

Simon Letchford

Partner, New York and Sydney

Simon is a great believer in “swagger” – the confidence - without arrogance - that comes from structured preparation, great people skills and a genuine interest in delivering a mutually beneficial outcome.

Simon is passionate about lifting the culture and performance of commercial teams. This doesn’t happen from the bottom up. He believes that objectives must come first; strategy second - clarity of vision, strategic objectives and KPIs is critical. In this vein, Simon brings challenging insights to leaders to help them build and refine plans to drive step-changes in performance in the planning, execution and sustainment of capability and commercial results.

Simon, a “serial entrepreneur” with over 25 years of commercial negotiating experience, is battle-scarred from running, buying and selling several highly successful businesses, managing teams of people, and negotiating on behalf of his own companies as well as his clients, across Asia-Pac, the Americas and Europe.

He has particular expertise in the healthcare, information technology and Defence industries and is comfortable consulting to and advising senior executives, and helping them transform the performance of their commercial teams.

Simon ran Scotwork’s Australian business for four years prior to moving to the USA. During his tenure the business grew over 35% during the global financial crisis. He now splits his time between New York City and Australia, with responsibility for running the US and Canadian Scotwork businesses, and managing Scotwork’s relationship with a small number of global clients.

Prior to joining Scotwork in 2005, Simon founded, led and grew a highly successful Defence and technology company specializing in sonar and communications systems for the military. In this role, he was responsible for overall company performance and culture, and led the negotiation of many of the larger commercial contracts with government and multinational clients. The company’s performance was recognized by a number of high profile awards, including the Telstra NSW Government Small Business of the Year, and the Australian Business President’s Prize for Innovation.

Simon was also the NSW President of the Australian Industry Defence Network, the leading industry organization for Defence companies, and in this role he led negotiations on behalf of over 400 member companies of Defence procurement policies, affecting billions of dollars of annual spend.

Simon holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) from Sydney University.

Melissa Carroll

GM of Operations and Partner, Sydney

Melissa joined Scotwork in 2007. Her key responsibilities are the scheduling and organisation of all training that takes place, ensuring that both Scotwork consultants and clients are informed and prepared for all Scotwork courses. She liaises with venues, clients, consultants, collates and reconciles all income and expenditure and manages the running of the business on a day-to-day basis, which includes whatever trouble-shooting needs to be done. As a partner in the business, she also plays a role in the strategic decision-making for Scotwork Australia.

The key Scotwork principal which Melissa puts to use as an integral part of her dealings with staff and clients alike is the ‘value of trading’. Her negotiating activities are largely with venues and, to some extent, with the people she manages.

Before joining Scotwork, Melissa worked for McDonalds as a store manager of a very busy restaurant, overseeing the day-to-day running of the business, meeting of all compliance issues, and managing and scheduling staff. Prior to that, her roles were in customer service in the manufacturing and production industry where she managed staff, dealt with deadlines and the distribution of product under time constraints.

Tyler Hall

Partner and Principal Consultant, Sydney

As negotiation is a skill that is required in business and our personal lives, Tyler enjoys being able to witness the people he works with driving better outcomes and enriching their lives. His own experience of managing the negotiation process and putting the concepts to work in real life is a rewarding experience for Tyler, and fuels his passion to share these skills with his clients, in both a training and advisory capacity.

Tyler has an innate ability to communicate complex concepts and situations in a simple way. He brings enthusiasm to the learning environment and has a personable and calm approach when interacting with Scotwork clients.

Tyler has over 20 years of negotiating experience, and, over the past 8 years with Scotwork, Tyler has delivered the full suite of Scotwork training courses to a range of clients, training more than 1,000 course participants to become better negotiators.

In addition to delivering skills training, Tyler has successfully completed recent advisory and consulting assignments for major companies in the media, telecommunications, defence and health sectors, helping clients achieve outstanding results. These have included assisting organisations to break deadlock, altering the status quo, retaining high value contracts at risk and negotiating new agreements up to a billion dollars in value.

Tyler joined Scotwork in 2010 and specialises in the media and marketing, telecommunications, infrastructure and built environment sectors.

Prior to joining Scotwork, Tyler held leadership roles in marketing, sales, strategic planning and brand development in the entertainment and performing arts sector in Australia and the USA and in marketing and account management roles in the technology industry. At Scotwork, Tyler has held the titles of Marketing Manager, General Manager of Sales and Marketing, and is now Partner.

Tyler holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Macquarie University as well as having formally studied the art of persuasion and influencing through Streamwise Learning, assertiveness techniques at the Australian Institute of Management, advanced communication skills through the Black Isle Group and, of course, negotiation with Scotwork. Tyler is a member of the CEO Institute.

Jared Bamford

Principal Consultant, Sydney

Jared has a special interest in assisting clients in exploring ways to generate mutual gain in new business deals as well as existing client relationships. He believes strongly that thorough and accurate preparation before sitting down at the negotiating table is an essential precursor to a successful negotiation experience and outcome.

Jared is passionate not just about uplifting individuals’ negotiation skill capabilities through delivery of high calibre programs, but also partnering with teams to assist in maximising consistent application in real world commercial negotiations, thus embedding the skills and optimising the return on investment. As a Principal Consultant, Jared has trained hundreds of people right through the business lifecycle from graduate level to senior and executive management. He has advised and worked with managers and their teams on developing bespoke tools to apply the Scotwork skills to their particular industry and needs, and run workshops where he has led his clients in collaborative preparation for imminent negotiations.

Jared practises what he preaches by applying Scotwork principles and skills to all of his own business dealings and, due to this example as well as his professional expertise, is approached by some clients to advise them even on their own personal negotiations. He places priority on developing strong, positive business relationships which will stand the test of time and economic seasons.

Jared has more than 10 years’ experience in sales and marketing management, and has worked with multi-national and market leading companies. He consults in a process advisory capacity to main players on complex deals, some worth hundreds of millions of dollars, on both the buying and selling sides of the negotiation table. Jared is experienced in partnership agreements with resellers, service contracts with clients, terms and pricing with suppliers, budget allocation with management, and setting remuneration and KPIs with staff. He is a specialist in the media, marketing, medical, pharmaceutical and Defence industries.

Jared holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Marketing and Management, from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.

Hunter Shannonhouse

Principal Consultant, Sydney

Hunter believes that, for many people, one of the greatest challenges in negotiation is to keep emotion from diminishing skill and effectiveness throughout the negotiation process. He proposes that clarity of preparation, slowing the pace (using the negotiation process with skill to “create time”) and deploying the negotiating team sensibly are the best ways to prevent emotion from derailing negotiations. He has a particular interest in discerning the possible hidden traps or obstacles prior to and during negotiations. He believes that the way in which the senior executives go about their decision-making and negotiating will filter right through to all levels of the organisation - hence the importance of a common negotiation methodology and language, modelled, or at least trusted, by the C-level leadership group.

Hunter’s top priority is to engender trust and confidence with the most senior executives. More broadly, Hunter is firmly of the belief that negotiation is about skill, not personality, and so takes particular pride in helping clients and participants to see that their perceptions about what makes them stronger or weaker negotiators are not necessarily true. He has observed time and again how liberating it is for people to see that their negotiating performance does not have to be limited by their personal communication style, thus empowering them to be far more skilful and confident negotiators.

Hunter has over 20 years’ experience working directly with senior executives at the highest level, much of which has been coaching them through emotional intelligence development, high performance team development and mediation-related processes. Ten of these years have been with Scotwork, where Hunter has advised clients through deal preparation, challenging employee negotiations, and contract negotiations worth hundreds of millions of dollars-particularly in infrastructure and transport. Prior to working with Scotwork, Hunter provided professional services with a focus on strategy, emotional intelligence, leadership, sales and profitability - in many industries including information technology, consultancy/professional services and manufacturing.

Hunter’s primary negotiating accomplishments have been in negotiating with clients and subsequently helping them to save many hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs and time. This has included: negotiating a new employee agreement in less than half the time expected, while enhancing the relationship between the two parties; coaching a client through the process of negotiating out of an outsourcing agreement worth approximately $1b; helping a client to manage cultural differences and re-negotiate more effectively a $1b sales contract with their largest overseas customer.

Hunter’s previous roles have included owner of his own business in sustainability advisory, senior executive coach and advisor, and general manager of an executive development and training organisation. Incorporating his work with Scotwork, Hunter has trained and coached, individually and in groups, over 3000 executives and participants.

Hunter has NLP practitioner certification, a BA in Business and Psychology (Rhodes College in Tennessee), MEd in Human Development Counselling (Vanderbilt University). His professional memberships include the Australian Institute of Company Directors and St James Ethics Centre.

Ben Byth

Senior Consultant, Brisbane

Negotiating behaviour and mutual gain approach is an incredibly important life skill for Ben and something he uses daily. He believes that it is one of the most reliable and predictable ways of resolving conflict, whilst preserving relationship and still getting what you want. He often has people say to him, ‘I wish someone had shown me how to do this 20 years ago’… and it is for that reason that one of his goals is to empower today’s youth with this negotiation skill set.

It is important to Ben that the clients with whom he works are prepared to remove the internal barriers that stifle negotiations, and then, for him to provide the post-engagement encouragement and support to nurture the new skills learned. Ben is passionate about applying the Scotwork skills to everyday living and thus has a plethora of personal and observed examples to use in his quest to make negotiating simple and accessible to everyone he teaches, coaches or advises. His clients are important to him and he thrives on seeing their satisfaction as they make progress in their own negotiation journey and consequently reap the rewards in their return on investment as well as their internal relationships. Ben is a “people person” who consistently practices the skill of being present to his clients’ needs and meeting them by “unpacking the negotiation process” in an authentic, clear and very practical manner.

Although his studies were in psychology, Ben’s working life has been in business development and account management roles. In his previous position, he was responsible for growing Profiling Online’s assessment business through new client acquisition; he was also responsible for assessment design and project managing delivery. He grew the business by winning major clients in banking, insurance and airlines. By far, his biggest negotiating challenges have not been pressure on price when selling, but protecting margin when projects shifted, scope grew and became more complex.

Since working with Scotwork, Ben has helped clients to: re-negotiate existing contracts to restore profit into bad deals; exit contracts they no longer want to be in; raise prices with customers and handle customers seeking to reduce prices on existing contracts; secure venture capital for a startup; get subcontractors off a stop-work; build trust and dialogue between a union and organisation; block unreasonable demands made by retailers; handle grievances, amongst still other negotiation-related interactions.

Ben holds a Bachelor in Psychology and Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychology at Queensland University of Technology.

John Hopkins

Senior Consultant, Melbourne

John heartily subscribes to a collaborative approach to negotiation and the importance of thorough preparation prior to engaging with the other party at the negotiation table. He sees significant value in providing structure to what can be a chaotic situation through the application of good negotiating process, thus assisting individuals and companies to achieve more satisfying outcomes to their negotiations. John’s overtly analytical approach provides insights to the negotiating processes of his clients. He fosters a curious attitude in those he coaches to assist them to uncover any hidden available opportunities, so that all parties are able to maximise their gains from the deal.

John strives to ensure that his clients achieve sustainable results when negotiating with another party. He also believes that it is important that they are equipped and empowered to use learned negotiating skills throughout their career, not just to gain better outcomes, but to provide them with the confidence to take control of any negotiation through applying the structure and skills taught by Scotwork programs. John excels at taking de facto business situations and proffered scenarios and applying the Scotwork principles and strategies to them in a clear and simple manner. Thus, he empowers and enables the people he trains to clearly understand and visualise how to apply what they are learning to their daily roles and negotiation engagements. John is a sales and marketing professional with over 20 years’ experience working with multi-national and market-leading companies in the manufacturing, FMCG, packaging and travel industries. He has played an integral role in the successful negotiation of long-term, multi-million dollar supply contracts across multiple categories with numerous customers.

Before joining Scotwork, John was employed in the following roles: as a senior sales and account manager, as well as a national account manager at Owens Illinois, where he negotiated multiple supply agreements with Australian and global businesses; as a national key account manager at VIP Packaging, where he played a similar role; as a key account manager at Diageo, where he negotiated with major FMCG companies at state level, and managed on and off premise channel business development. Prior to these roles and before his move to Australia, he ran his own business in Toronto and conducted sales and marketing for a major Canadian airline.

John is a qualified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt practitioner and has a Diploma in Business Administration from Monash University.

Marc Mcallister

Consultant, Melbourne

Based on his personal negotiations with suppliers in the small business and finance world, coupled with numerous observations of his Scotwork clients’ negotiations, Marc strongly believes that a collaborative approach to negotiation will consistently lead to outcomes that are mutually beneficial, as well as bare, unintended positive externalities, such as efficiency and strengthening of relationship with one’s negotiation counterpart.

Marc places importance on equipping his clients with the right skills, resources and advice for them to make a measurable return on their investment with Scotwork. Scotwork has prided itself on its practical approach to negotiation over the last 45 years and Marc is proud to be a part of the brand.

Marc has eight years’ experience in Finance, where he has extensive exposure to and participation in negotiating commercial agreements with fund managers, partnering firms, as well as suppliers. He is also a small business owner and constantly negotiates with various stakeholders on issues spanning from real estate, packaging, to long term multi-pointed supply agreements. He affirms that his Scotwork training has equipped him with the skills and confidence to find and add significant value to deals-value which goes beyond price on issues, such as payment terms, delivery times and bulk offers on commonly-used goods.

He has found that a collaborative approach creates open dialogue with his counter parties and uncovers ways in which they can trade on issues and items which may be of low value to one party, but of high value to the other, thus leading to increased deal value and strengthened relationships.

The skills and knowledge he has attained from his Scotwork training and his practical application in his own personal and business life is something in which he takes great pride, and which he passionately passes on to his clients on a day-to-day basis.

Marc holds a Bachelor in International Business with a major in Finance from Swinburne University of Technology. He is also multi-lingual (Spanish/Portuguese) having undertaken university studies and internship programs in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.

He is certified as an Accredited Derivatives Advisor 1 & 2, Registered Responsible Manager with ASIC on a current AFSL licence.

Keith Stacey

Principal Consultant, Hobart

Keith believes that conflict about ideas lies at the heart of all innovation, creativity and change. Many people seek to avoid conflict at almost any cost and miss the opportunity to test their ideas and beliefs with others. Having the confidence and courage to negotiate effectively is the key to unlocking potential for change. He believes that effective negotiation creates value for all participants in personal and commercial terms.

Keith proffers that the two attributes of an effective negotiator are assertiveness in pursuit of their objectives, while at the same time demonstrating creativity in trying to meet the other person’s objectives. Keith is passionate about developing skilled negotiators who understand the process and use their skills to achieve mutual gain. He feels strongly that training should be fun with a serious intent, but that real change can only occur with participants who have developed confidence in both the negotiating process and their own skills.

Over two decades with Scotwork, Keith has assisted thousands of individuals to achieve their potential as negotiators. He has advised and guided them post course and consulted on major contracts in resources, energy, oil and gas. He is widely recognized as an influential writer about negotiating - white papers, blogs and articles. At the request of clients, he has developed and implemented courses in contract evaluation and relationship-building, both of which provide a wider perspective on the personal attributes required for successful negotiating.

Keith has a special interest in professional services and has consulted extensively over his career in this area. As Director of Adult Education, Keith was a member of the senior management team of a large government department with responsibility for industrial relations for the state government. Keith has taught and assisted a range of high level organisations in their preparation for enterprise bargaining agreements and consulted in their implementation.

Keith worked in banking, professional services and as an educator in the public sector before joining Scotwork. He has run his own professional practice in accounting and has advised on enterprise development and entrepreneurship.

Keith recently completed a PhD in Philosophy with Curtin University. The focus was understandings about lived experiences of work. This PhD means that he has a current and broad understanding of the challenges and rewards contemporary work provides. Keith has a Bachelor of Economics and Diploma of Education from Tasmania University. He was a certified accountant for four decades.

Damian Downes

Senior Consultant

Damian is a commercially and operationally astute resources industry professional with fifteen years experience.

Prior to joining Scotwork, Damian spent twelve years with Woodside Energy Ltd. in Perth, Western Australia. During his time at Woodside, Damian filled key operational and commercial roles across a range of assets.

As Project Manager for key operational activities across Woodside's portfolio of assets, Damian was tasked with leading multi-disciplinary teams to deliver business critical projects on time and within budget. Following his extensive operational and project management experience, Damian filled key commercial roles within the Woodside project team for a major Australian development project. These roles required Damian to lead negotiations for key commercial services; Anti-Bribery and Corruption; and site construction contracts up to $150 million in value. Damian was also a key member of the team negotiating and evaluating the primary multi-billion dollar competitively tendered major construction contract.

Damian has extensive internal and external stakeholder relationship negotiation and management experience.

Christine Bradley

Administration Assistant, Sydney

Christine joined Scotwork in 2013 as the business was growing and the administrative load increasing.

Christine is largely responsible for supporting the General Manager of Operations as a point of contact for clients and suppliers to Scotwork for the efficient running of training courses. She makes contact with clients before and after they have attended Scotwork training to ensure that they are well-informed and also that they are added to the growing network of Scotwork alumni.

Christine puts Scotwork principles to work in her regular dealings with catering companies, hotels and AV service providers.

Prior to joining Scotwork, Christine worked in customer service in the sports and manufacturing industries.

Elizabeth Lewis

Marketing Coordinator, Sydney

Elizabeth joined Scotwork as Marketing Co-ordinator in 2017. She develops, co-ordinates and maintains the vehicles and tools which reflect Scotwork Australia’s identity as the world-leader in negotiation training and advisory services. She is thus responsible for Scotwork’s branding and collateral, marketing communications, digital marketing and social media.

Elizabeth is a firm believer in the Scotwork principle of collaborative negotiation and its ability to facilitate mutually beneficial outcomes. She strongly asserts that the act of adjournment is a crucial and powerful aspect of effective negotiating. Being able to say “yes” on terms that work for her, thus facilitating the win/win outcome Scotwork teachings culminate in achieving, has been a refreshing eye-opener for Elizabeth in her negotiations with digital marketing suppliers since joining Scotwork. She has put to work the understanding that trading enables progress in any negotiation situation and that “value” can be measured in many ways, relevant to the particular context, other than fiscally. Elizabeth’s “golden Scotwork phrase” is, “If you, then I”.

Before joining Scotwork, Elizabeth worked as a business analyst and as a search and conversion analyst for a digital agency. Prior to that, she had roles as a researcher and academic tutor in the IT industry, in project management and leadership at a university, and ten years in management in the hospitality industry.

Elizabeth has a Bachelor of Information Technology majoring in E-business from the University of Wollongong, and a Diploma in Information Technology Systems Administration.

Romina Koenig

Sales Coordinator, Sydney

Joining the Scotwork team in July 2018, Romina’s role as Sales Coordinator in our Sydney office sees her play a key role in driving business development and supporting the consultants throughout all stages of the sales process.

Prior to coming on board with Scotwork, Romina developed valuable business, sales and marketing expertise in her role as Operations and Social Media Brand Manager at a boutique IT recruitment agency for 2 years.

Romina is currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies with a Major in Marketing and was thrilled to be placed 10th in the Top 25 “Most Socially Engaged” LinkedIn Award for 2017 in her previous role.

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